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Friday, February 16, 2018

Cherries in the Snow


Cherries in the Snow 
1 cup powdered sugar 
8-oz./225g cream cheese, softened 
1 box (2 envelopes) Dream Whip (4 cups made up) 
Angel Food cake, cut up into cubes 
2 cans (21-oz./590ml each) Cherry pie filling 
Chocolate sauce (Recipe to follow) 
Mix up the 2 envelopes of Dream Whip according to package directions (you can mix up both envelopes together...just double the amount of milk and vanilla). Seet aside or keep in the refrigerator. 
Cream the powdered sugar and cream cheese ( I use an electric mixer.) Fold in prepared Dream Whip and angel food cake cubes. Mix all together. In a large clear bowl, layer cake mixture and then cherries. Repeat layers ending with cherries on top. Refrigerate. 
Serve with homemade chocolate sauce: 
Chocolate Sauce 
1 cup/225g sugar 
3 TBSP cocoa 
1 TBSP flour 
1 cup boiling water 
1 TBSP butter 
1 tsp. vanilla 
In a saucepan, mix the sugar, cocoa, and flour. Pour over this the 1 cup of boiling water and boil until thick (about 5 minutes). Take off and add the 1 TBSP butter and the 1 tsp. vanilla. 
Makes about 1 may want to make extra chocolate sauce!! You can double the recipe and make all at once, but make sure you have a large saucepan so that it doesn't boil over. 

Recipe source: Anne McCartney  

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