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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The World Famous Texas Tornado

Categories: Beverage
      Yield: 1 Servings

      1    Bottle tequila (preferred
           -brand Reposado which is
           -rare in U.S.)
      1    Bottle any cheap vodka
      1    Bottle Sangrita* (can't
           -find in U.S.) so use V8
      1    -(up to)
      2 cn Tecate beer
      2    Ripe limes
      3    Peanuts
           Salt if desired

  NOTE: * Check out the Sangrita recipes here.
  1.  Mix tequila and vodka half & half (whatever quantity you think you can handle.)  hee hee Pour another glass with the same amount of Sangrita or V8 juice Cut wedges of limes
   Shell peanuts so no time will be wasted
  2.  Take a sip of tequila/vodka 50/50
   Take another sip of Sangrita or V8 juice
   Take a sip of Tecate beer with a twist of lime
   Eat a peanut
  3.  Sake a tip of tequila/vodka half n half
   Swallow some Sangrita or jugo de V8
   Suck some Tecate beer with lime juice on the top of the can
   Eat another peanut
  4.  Guzzle some tequila/vodka feefty feefty
   Get a big drank of Sangrita or jugo de V8
   Chase it with Tecate beer and lime juice topside
   Chow down on nother nut
  5.  Turn up the tequila/vodka
   Dittorinski on the Sangrita or V8
   Take a big ole bite of lime
    Finish off the Tecate beer This world famous drink goes especially well with my "chilibomb" Enjoy

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