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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

Martha Rose Shulman  
  Time 2 hours 
 Yield Serves six 

I regretted not making a double batch of this hearty soup when I tested it over the Christmas holidays. Everybody loved the earthy, meaty flavors that the wild rice and mushrooms bring to the broth.

Featured in: Soups With Grains.

½ ounce (1/2 cup) dried porcini mushrooms [14 g]
2 cups boiling water
1 to 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, as needed
1 large onion, chopped
2 medium carrots, diced
2 ribs celery, diced
½ pound cremini or button mushrooms, cleaned, trimmed, and sliced thick
2 large garlic cloves, minced
 Salt to taste
2/3 cup wild rice
2 quarts chicken stock, vegetable stock or water
 A bouquet garni made with a few sprigs each thyme and parsley, a bay leaf and a Parmesan rind
1 cup frozen peas, thawed
 Freshly ground pepper to taste

1. Place the dried porcini mushrooms in a bowl or a Pyrex measuring cup, and pour on 2 cups boiling water. Let sit for 30 minutes. Set a strainer over a bowl and line it with cheesecloth. Lift the mushrooms from the water, and squeeze them over the strainer. Rinse in several changes of water, squeeze out the water and set aside. Pour the soaking water through the cheesecloth-lined strainer, and set aside.
2. Heat the oil in a large, heavy soup pot or Dutch oven over medium heat. Add the onion, carrot and celery. Cook, stirring often, until just about tender, about five minutes. Add the sliced fresh mushrooms. Cook, stirring, until the mushrooms are beginning to soften, about three minutes. Add the garlic and a generous pinch of salt. Continue to cook for about five minutes until the mixture is juicy and fragrant. Add the reconstituted dried mushrooms, the wild rice, bouquet garni, mushroom soaking liquid, stock or water, and salt to taste. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer one hour. Add the peas, and simmer another 10 minutes. Remove the bouquet garni, taste and adjust salt, add a generous amount of freshly ground pepper and serve.

Advance preparation: The soup will keep for about three days in the refrigerator, but the rice will swell and absorb the liquid, so you will have to add more to the pot when you reheat.
Nutritional information per serving
158 calories; 3 grams fat; 26 grams carbohydrates; 4 grams dietary fiber; 90 milligrams sodium (does not include salt added during preparation); 9 grams protein

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