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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Apple Sauce Wheat Germ Cake

Categories: Diabetic, Cakes, Low-fat/cal
      Yield: 16 bars

      2 c  Flour;                            1/4 ts Nutmeg;
    2/3 c  Sugar;                              1 c  Unsweetened apple sauce;
    1/2 c  Wheat germ;                       1/2 c  Raisins;
      2 ts Baking powder;                      1 tb Grated orange rind;
    1/2 ts Baking soda;                      1/2 c  Unsweetened orange juice;
      1 ts Salt;                               1    Egg;
      1 ts Cinnamon;                           1 tb Vegetable oil;
    1/4 ts Cloves;                      

  If wheat germ is not available, use bran or whole wheat flour.
  Sift dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.  Stir in apple
  sauce, raisins and orange rind.  Combine orange juice, egg and
  vegetable oil, add to batter, stirring just until moistened.  Spoon
  into lightly oiled 8 inch square cake pan.
  Bake 50 minutes at 350F or until cake tests done.  16 pieces 2"x2"
  1 serving contains 136 Calories 1 starchy foods choice 1 fruits & veg.
  1 tbsp whipped cream contains 45 cal and is equal to 1 Fats & Oils

Source:  Enjoy B.C. Fruit The Diabetic Way (BC is British
  Columbia, Canada)

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