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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cantonnier & Fruit Tray

Course Hors D'oeuvres aqnd Appetizers
1 Canadian Cantonnier cheese, at room temperature
Fresh figs, washed, dried, cut in half Pears, cut in half, scooped out
Pears, cut in half, scooped out
Lemon slice
Amaretti crumbs or nuts
Blueberry syrup
Flavoured crackers, lavosh or other flatbreads, fig-and-anise bread

Cut Canadian Cantonnier cheese into same-shaped wedges, rounds or cubes.

Wash, dry and cut figs in half. Cut pears in half and rub with a lemon slice, core cavity filled with nuts or amaretti crumbs.

Drizzle fruit with blueberry syrup and have a small gravy-boat full of syrup on the side. Serve with flavoured crackers, lavosh or other flatbread, fig-and-anise bread, etc.

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