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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Papaya Shikai Maki & How to Roll Them

I came across these absolutely adorable rolls while searching for some
other maki rolls.  Not only do they look good - stun your friends at your
next sushi party - they are really easy to make.

One tip: slice them really thin or you may not be able to fit them in your
mouth! The last thing you want is to have to eat a bite without the yummy
fruity filling.

You will need for 1 roll (Ingredients);
2 Nori Sheets, cut in half so you end up with 4 long sheets
1 1/2 Cups of cooked Sushi Rice (recipe here)
1 thick slice of papaya or 2 thin slices (or any other fruit you wish to use)

How to roll (Directions):

1. Place 2 of the long nori sheet halves in line with one another. Make
sure they over lap by about 1-2cm. To make them stick together smear
a little bit of sushizu on the end and press them together. If you don’t
have any more sushizu left (really only a few drops will suffice), use water.

2. Plop out the rice onto the long nori sheet. Don’t put any too close to the top
or bottom edge.

3. Press out the rice all over the nori sheet, but leave the top and bottom edge
free (about 2-3cm). Why is the bottom lip rolled up already rolled up - see next step

4. Roll the whole sheet up tightly

5. Using a very sharp and wet knife, cut the roll in half vertically.

6. Cut each half in half.

7. Lay out the other 2 long nori sheet halves just like you did the ones in step #1,
and place 2 of the cut halves back to back (with a small valley left in between -
but the bottoms should be touching) at the bottom edge of the norin sheet.

8. Place the 1 thick or 2 thin papaya strips in the "valley" you created with the
first 2 quarters of the roll you sliced up. Then, carefully place the other 2 quarters
on top in the mirrored image of the first 2. If you were to remove the papaya, it
would leave an empty diamond shape

9. Very carefully roll the whole roll forward, making sure to wrap tightly. Continue
until you reach the end and then smear some more sushizu on the end to hold it sealed.

10. This is where I made my first mistake. Don’t cut it in half - I found this made it
harder to cut those thin pieces I was talking about. Just start at one end and work
your way down like you would a normal maki sushi roll.

11. At-DA! I’m not sure I’d eat these with soya sauce, but you can if you wish.

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